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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 9, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight funeral arrangements have been set for the seven year old boy who died last week in the parade. kyle aldrich was told by -- kyle aldrich was killed by a fire on a trailer that was being told by his grandfather. a fund has been set up to help with the service. police are investigating dozens of burglaries. last month in canton someone has been breaking into homes on a daily basis. sometimes the people who live there have been inside. >> we had air-conditioners and he tried to break in through the window. you feel violated, uncomfortable. >> there are a ton of kids in this area.
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we are always out walking and doing kids -- we are always out doiizoñájjtáhu)u$ our kids. >> in another case of the burglar confronted a woman who was sleeping and took her cell phone. he later showed up in a picture holding a gun. >> communities are trying to fight the ways to stop violence. this a summer they are trying to block parties. the mayor posted a summer block party tonight in madison park, featuring music and constructive activities for young people. aour life is in danger.
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>> the block party is part of several parties this summer. the states new wastewater treatment is raining on a bunch of businesses. is his owners are seeing an impact on the "rain tax" . one business owner says he is seeing $30,000 for 31 commercial properties. the assessments were based on aerial photography. the goal is to help keep pollution out of the day but business owners say they are feeling the burden. >> they always take it to the businesses. the consumer will pay more for their products. >> there is an effort on the way to fight the "rain tax" .
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we havedpñresearched how people are being impacted by the "rain tax" . go to our website and look for the break down. there is rain across parts of maryland. take a look down here. the thunderstorms are developing developing. a good cluster out here in western maryland. the intensity. under a clear sky in centra maryland but we do not expectedî to last. tomorrow, in the afternoon showers and storms will return. ut conditions will change
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tomorrow. continuing coverage of that plane crash in san francisco. the pilot was training to fly a boeing 777. >> investigators have released new details. >> two of the flight attendants were ejected from the aircraft during the impact. .+] >> recklessly they survived, despite being thrown onto the runway. after the plane came to a stop than this. >> the first officer described a shooter that had deployed inside and trapped a flight will tend in. >> that did not stop more than 300 people from escaping the wreck. passengers turned into heroes.
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>> we were comforting all the other people. >> we are learning the pilot in training was learning from another first timer. >> he reported this was his first trip as an instructor pilot. >> more survivors are being released from the hospital. consisted with catastrophic moving to side as the passenger got run around in their seats. the ceo of asiana airlines arrived in san francisco tuesday to a rough media reception. the ntsb also revealed the pilots were not tested for drugs or al gore call. the us does not have oversight of that. 15 people are confirmed dead after this train wreck in
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quibec. the wreck is under criminal investigation. investigators discovered elements leading to a criminal probe. he did rule out terrorism. two more bodies were pulled from the wreckage today. a forensic expert backed george zimmerman account of the shooting of trayvon martin. he says evidence supports zimmerman's claim that trayvon martin was on top of him when he shot him. but, during cross-examination they found out the gunshot could be consistent with trayvon martin pulling away. we are hearing from the woman who were held captive for more than a decade. they did not mention the man, only that ;gy#they were trying get on with their lives. the video taped statement was
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made from the office of an attorney in cleveland. they all appeared to be trying to enjoy more happier times. >> i will not let the situation define who i am. i will define the situation. i do not want to be consumed by hatred. >> i want everyone to know how happy i him. >> the women were eventually turned free during a 911 call two months ago. tomorrow this student who was killed in a crash last year. isn't that and countless other pedestrian accidents led to a safety campaign for the summer. rossa walks are brighter, and there are tv ads warning
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markers to be safe. we -- meet our latest lucky dog.!edñ a car rolling down the highway and all of a sudden the dog comes flying out. this is state trooper was helping someone changed a flat tire and he saw the dog running down the highway. ttrooper thought it had to be a stuffed animal. he said the dog was confused and ran a circle in the middle of the highway. the dog, is now looking for a safe home. is that incredible? he dodged the traffic on 95. do you ever feel like you
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are being robbed by your cell phone provider. grab your bill, we have some news for you. it is a good thing you have eaten already today. weatherwise it is quiet at the moment but we are watching showers to the west. we will talk about that coming up.
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another recall for chrysler, the cause of a safety device that does not work. the recall involves the 2013 town country andflé÷ the miniv builds between may of last year and this in june. student loan rates may not
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go off. the senate is expected to vote tomorrow. low rate doubled on july the first after congress could not come to an agreement. congress could reduce the rate but it must be done soon. a video made by a worker at a florida golden corrall is going viral. >> i him outside here is the )ei right now and this is what my company likes to do. this is camber -- of this camber her, look at all these flies. >> this video has been viewed
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golden corrall sent out a statement saying none of that food was served. if you are wondering about the golden corrall is in our area it was inspected on may 13 and inspectors found food not held in the proper temperature. one leaders went back for a reinspection a similar violation was found. the golden corrall in averaging was inspected in june and inspectors found the same thing. during a reinspection no violations were found. in baltimore county, no critical violations were found. there are also no violations in the past six months at the golden corrall near the mall. do you wonder why your cell
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phone is so expensive? because carriers are sneaking in new hidden charges. >> reporter: cell phone companies always seem to offer great deals. then, why is that bill so much? carriers have found new ways to middle and dime us. in the past few weeks viewers have come play in about a fee for at&t. it is a 61 cents a month administrative leave. not thing big, but it is the latest nickel and dime p. the charges include administrative fees, don't1&$v switch to verizon because they have the same charge.
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this is the same thing as mobile hot spot these. text message fees, why is messaging still separate? and the worst of all is international roaming fees. if you don't check w-d=éa=ui carrier before leaving the country you could have a $1000 cell phone bill. the blog says carriers are free to charge whatever they want on international roaming and they do. look seriously at pre- paid no contract plans. they are cheaper and often won't nickel and dime you so you don't waste your money. let's go to camden yards.
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we need a stop her. this has got to stop. also more loses 8-4 to texas. manny machado hits another home run tonight. but, adrian beltre was a monster tonight. tomorrow will be the last day on the view for all his hasselbeck. she has been going to a huge makeover. -- of the view has been going through a huge makeover. situation because we have a series of disturbances coming our way. the next several days will feature a couple of different
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disturbances. jr9q you see that storm they are, places like ohio and the great lakes, we will deal with this the next couple of afternoons around here. for the moment it is nice out. a little more activity coming in to the center of town. i think we could see some early sunshine in the morning and things will begin to change. take a look, 78 degrees and the wind is calm. we were up into the mid 80s today. tonight, the clouds are insulating us so we are in the upper 70s. a tremendous amount of humidity in the air.
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it is not exactly comfortable and also an indication that the temperatures will not move much. the humidity is not going to move much either. it gets more humid tomorrow. it looks like the first line of showers will begin in and. we will give you the best idea or a scattered showers as we get the information. we will see, be prepared in the afternoon. a pretty active pattern here. in this case we are just getting a return flow that is cranking up additional moisture. the main front arrives in here
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thursday afternoon sparking another line of showers. it should briefly pushed the humidity out to sea for part of the weekend. it looks like a little less humid for a couple of days. we are still keeping an eye on that tropical storm, now sustained winds at 60 miles per hour. the track is of most concern as we go into the weekend. we do see the storm making a run at the florida coast. it could also go to the carolinas. overnight, 71, tomorrow it will be 88 degrees. some afternoon thunderstorms. also, again, or thunderstorms on thursday. there is a less humid air
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arrive in for friday and saturday. so, there will be an improvement over the next several days. good timing for that. i like less humid. the washington monument got the eiffel tower treatment. hundreds of folks came out to take a look. influence in you until the repair work is completed. -- it will continue until the repair work is completed. >> -- a. we will be right back.
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a truck driver trapped by floodwaters is rescued in china. a police officer put on a life jacket and swim out to the driver. they were all able to make it safely to higher ground. this is cell phone video from toronto. 100,000 people are still without power after his blood. this could start blackouts in the city.
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they have not seen the worst of it yet. don't forget to send us your video. we won't see that here anytime soon. we are tracking some active weather but in central maryland conditions are clear. i think that will hold #wñup un midday tomorrow. by the way, the weekend features some clearing. we will be back.
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. little rusty is back at home
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tonight at the national zoo. they think he probably climbed out using a bridge made of trees. >> my mother said he escaped because he did not like it here. >> the zoo says the trees have been trimmed back so this does not happen again. we will see you tomorrow. hagood one. was -- hoff hasselh
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kevin bacon from "the bridge", diane kruger and music from the bacon brothers with cleto and the cletones and now, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right, welcome. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for -- coming out. i see you have enthusiasm. thank you, did you know o-- not sure if you're aware of this, but -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this week, this week is national nude recreation week. that is right. it is nude recreation week, also known as put a towel down before you sit week. it is an annual event created by a group called the naturists society 38 years ago. it is a powerful reminder that the human body is disgusting. with a few notable exceptions should be covered at all times.
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apparently there are nude artists, beaches, canoing, it was sponsored by the group, nude recreation, and this is their actual president. i'm not kidding. that is the publicity shot. [ cheersnd applause ] >> jimmy: i tell you, you think you don't like to visit your grandmother. i think the worst ad ever. i will not be participating this year, i have a very strict policy. if you want to see me naked, you have to pay. speaking of naked, the former disgraced governor, eliot spitzer is running for the comptroller. some people thought his political career was over five years ago when it was revealed he was employing a small army of prostitutes to tend to his